Ceramaxx Guitar Co.

Q. How strong are the guitars?

    A. The Ceramaxx guitar is a very strong instrument, though it may break if dropped or misuesed.

Q. What is the base price?

    A. The price starts at $3,465 This includes an Anvil case and shipping (to the continental US).

Q. How about sustain?

    A. The sustain is outstanding.

Q. What about your artwork?

    A. It's all hand painted or custom made decals. More will be available in the future.

Q. How much do they weigh?

    A. On average the guitar weighs 9 to 10 lbs. It is well balanced.

Q. Is it comfortable to play?

    A. Ergonomics married art: Performance and style are melded together perfectly. I needed high fret access, a good waste/torso fit, and a comfortable position for the right arm and pick hand, all without losing balance.